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Library Remodel

A careful remodelling of our school library
Library Remodel
Thanks to donations from staff, pupils and Limerick city library 📚 and a great day’s work by our TY class Cuisle last Thursday, we now have a quiet reading area in the library with some soft seating. We will continue to gather more books and develop it even more as time goes on. So we would ask to keep the books coming.
The books are categorised by ‘younger reader’ - the two bookcases nearest the window, and ‘older reader’ - the bookcase beside the ‘Treoir’ section. In each category they are categorised A -Z by author.
Thanks to anyone who donated books and especially to Cuisle for their time and tremendous effort.

Fantastic work by the TYs and their English teacher Ms. Rael. Well done all!

M.Fómh 25
Turas Eiceolaíochta Bl. 6
Leanaigí Sinn
Ádh-mór d'ár scoláirí a bheidh ag fáil torthaí na hÁrd Teistiméireachta ar maidin!
Fantastic result in Listowel Writers Short Story Competition
Comhghairdeas to the class of 2019!
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