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Folláine / Wellbeing

Folláine / Wellbeing

Coláiste Corp Oideachais Challenge

Our Goal for the Coláiste Corp Oideachais Challenge

Our goal, as Laurel Hill Coláiste FCJ school community is to Stay Active, Stay Safe and have a bit of FUN.

House Keeping

This is open to the whole Laurel Hill Coláiste FCJ school community

You have seven days to participate in five activities.

Week 1 there are 7 physical activity challenges. Choose any 5

Week 2 there are 8 physical activity challenges. Choose any 5

Choose 1 activity per day. Ensure to do a warm up before all activities

Encourage your classmates to participate. Maybe agree to do the activity at the same time every day. Motivate each other.

Provide evidence of engagement in the activity whether it is a picture or video
Present this evidence by email to See deadline dates below

Can I please stress this is for fun and to get active. It is by no means an exercise to put anyone under pressure. If you feel this is too much, please just do the activity for you and be happy for yourself that you did it. To 6th and 3rd years please just give the activities a go and enjoy them.

For every activity you participate in you will receive a Larry Labhras Achievement sticker for your class.

If you do not have the correct equipment improvisation is totally acceptable.

If you wish to repeat an activity or two that’s ok, the above is to give you a variety of options from which you can choose.

Some activities have links that you can follow however if you have your own Pilates or Yoga session do it. The main point is to Get Active

At the end of the week the school community will see the most recent polls detailing how the classes are performing with regards participation rates.

Teachers are more than welcome to take part. They can also donate their Larry Labhras achievement tokens to their Bunranganna.

Extra Larry Labhras Achievement tokens if you manage to encourage another family member to participate. The more the merrier.

Dates Deadline

Week 1

Tues 28th April to Tues 5th May

Wed 6th May

Week 2

Tues 5th May to Tues 12th May

Wed 13th May

List of Activities for Week 1

  1. Participate in a Joe Wicks HIIT session 😀 3D4oCEt0RQ or

  2. 30 min walk (staying within the 2km distance of your house) 🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶

  3. Do the Dreoilín dance , extra Larry Labhras tokens if you teach it to members of your family 👯

  4. Keepie uppies, in this task record the number of keepie uppies without the ball hitting the ground for 2 minutes. If the ball hits the ground start the clock again. You can do this with a soccer ball, hockey stick and ball, tennis racket and ball, hurley and sliotar or last resort

  5. Yoga session eg

  6. Skipping circuit, see below

    This quick jump rope routine is going to focus on two main exercises:

    The basic jump The alternate foot jump

    Our simple beginner jump rope workout is built around two 5 minute blocks.


30 seconds

Basic Jump

30 seconds


30 seconds

Alternate Foot Jump

30 seconds


Rest 60 seconds


40 seconds

Basic Jump

20 seconds


40 seconds

Alternate Foot Jump

20 seconds


The first block, you'll be working through a 5 minute interval of 30 seconds of jumping and 30 seconds of rest. the second block, you'll be working through 5 minutes of 40 seconds of jumping and 20 seconds of rest. The full workout will be 11 minutes in total. Go give it a try today.

7. Design and demonstrate your own outdoor obstacle course with ten different obstacles included.

List of Activities for Week 2

  1. Boxercise session

  2. Tik Tok Dance or just dance dance

  3. GAA Challenge Weekly challenge

  4. 4km walk /run at your own pace within 2km distance of your house

  5. Flexibility Circuit

  6. Hockey Challenge

  7. Pilates session

  8. Participate in a Joe Wicks HIIT session 😀 or

Cailíní on a personal note I hope you and your families are safe and well. Be kind to yourself and to others. Be patient with each other. We are all in this together and by following all these guidelines we will be back on Coláiste corridors at some stage soon.

Le gach dea ghuí Ms. Cantrell

Ní neart go cur le chéile

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