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As part of the Framework for Junior Cycle (2015) the reporting process at junior cycle will culminate in the award of the JCPA to students.

The JCPA is a new kind of award. It will replace the Junior Certificate from 2017. The JCPA will be awarded by the school to the student for the first time in late 2017. The school will be able to print out the JCPA for each student. It will report on student achievement across a broad range of areas of learning in junior cycle.

The JCPA, alongside other reporting arrangements in junior cycle, will offer parents/guardians a clear, broad picture of their child’s learning journey over the three years of junior cycle.

Instead of receiving a certificate containing just your JC results, you will receive a Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA).

This JCPA (Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement) will contain:

  1. The results of your JC State Exams.
  2. The results/descriptors for your completed Classroom Based Assessment/s in 3.Information on ‘Other Areas of Learning’ you have undertaken during 1st, 2nd and 3rd year in school.

Céim 1:

Examples of suitable achievements for inclusion as an Other Areas of Learning include:

  • Specific awards you have won for any sporting or cultural achievements in first, second and third year.

  • Member of School Sporting Team (eg: Football, Camogie, Hockey, Basketball, Athletics, Equitation, other)

  • Member of other (non-sporting) extra-curricular activity. (eg: Student Council, Green Schools Committee, School Choir, Debating competition, other)

  • Taking part in the organisation of a charity fundraising event in the school (eg: Sports Day, Run Against Racism etc)

  • Performing in front of classmates/schoolmates at a school musical, dramatic or dance performance (eg: Feis Ceol, Choral Festival, quizzes, competition, Seachtain na Gaeilge)

  • Taking part in organising or being involved in a school event (eg: School Mass, Open Day, school information session or presenting to parents).

  • Participated in school’s Religious Education programme

  • Participated in school’s Wellbeing programme: PE, SPHE, Choir in 1st year, ICT

  • School leadership role. (Class Prefect or Other)

  • School facilitated Showcase, Competition, Event or Quiz

  • Subject Programmes including Sports Day, Reflective Days, Educational Trips

  • Any learning experience you feel has benefitted you during time at Laurel Hill Coláiste FCJ eg: bullying prevention or friendship workshops

  • Helped out at a Parents’ Evening or parent-teacher meeting or State Exams or similar.

  • Initiatives undertaken in class such as a geography/history project, winning a baking prize, completing a design in woodwork/metalwork, making models in science, writing a poem for Friendship week.

  • Being a part of any school club.

  • An active role in your CSPE project

Céim 2:

Reflecting on skills you learned while completing these OALs:

Skills are in italics below

  • ......... was a member of the school Gaelic team where she represented the school at competition level reaching the semi- finals of the Leinster Cup. This experience helped her develop her ability to work in a team and how to set and achieve personal targets.

  • ......... was a member of the school’s student council. This helped her understand how meetings are run and how to organise charity fundraisers. Furthermore this developed her problem solving skills and her ability to innovate.

  • ......... won a class prize in the first year for my history project. This project taught her the skills of research and how to think creatively. It also taught her to bring an idea from concept to realisation.

  • ......... took part in a school drama performance and learned to work with others, express herself and build her communication skills.

  • ......... entered the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition and developed her investigative, research and problem-solving skills.

  • ......... was a member of the Basketball team where she committed to team training and competitions and developed her tactical competencies and skills.

  • ......... worked effectively with others in a group action project to raise awareness of the homeless crisis and to promote the work of Focus Ireland.

  • .......... was a member of the Student Council, where she worked with others and communicated effectively in representing the voice of her class.


  • 3-5 OALs required ranked in order of importance to you
  • Should be written in the 3rd person i.e. Mary actively participated in the Green Schools Committee.
  • "OALs records student achievement, involvement and participation across a broad range of areas of learning through in-school activities in junior cycle. Activities participated in outside of school are not allowed to be considered in the JCPA”.
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