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Focail ón gCaptaein / Words from the Captains

Focail ón gCaptaein / Words from the Captains

Cúpla Focail ón gCaptaen Spóirt 2018/2019

Hannah Ní Argáin

It has been an honour to be one of the Coláiste Sports Captains for 2018/2019. It's hard to explain how much I have enjoyed playing with so many of my school mates over the years in varying sports including camogie and hockey, as well as other activities such as tag rugby, athletics, swimming and so on.

It's hard to put into words how strongly I feel about sport and how important it is in life. I would encourage everyone, regardless of experience or ability or level, to partake in sport of any kind in this school. Sport is not only great for your physical fitness, but it is also great for your mental well-being. I believe sport improved my academics, as it provided a break from the mundane school day, it gave me something to look forward to after school and it was a great way to unwind, especially when I was under pressure approaching exams. Also, personal attributes are strengthened through sport and life skills such as teamwork, resilience, perseverance, and commitment are developed, along with learning how to lose, which is as important as learning how to win! I believe all of these contribute to a more rounded confident young person.

I believe everyone should partake in sport, if for no other reason than friendship. The bonds of friendship that I have made in this school through sport, will be ones that I know are going to last me a lifetime. I will take many great memories away with me from training sessions in the rain, to matches in the balmy days of spring.

The great teamwork and sportsmanship that the Coláiste demonstrates is something we should all be so proud of. I just want to say a huge congratulations to all our sports teams successes this year, whether it was a win or a loss, as its always a success because of the effort you put in. For next year, I know that many more successes lie ahead of you and wish you all the luck in the world. I look forward to supporting you from the sideline in the future.

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