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Fisic AT / Physics LC

Fisic AT / Physics LC


Through the medium of Irish, Laurel Hill Coláiste offers a Physics syllabus encompassing wide-ranging topics such as Optics, Heat Transfer, Nuclear Energy, Current Electricity, Wave Nature of Light and Particle Physics, to name but a few. The delivery of the Leaving Cert Physics curriculum in this school does not require the use of a textbook. Instead, an interactive approach, coupled with self-created teaching material, is used in all classes.

Students engage in many experiments and demonstrations throughout their 2 year Physics experience with a strong emphasis placed on creating, sharing and using electronic content, aiding the overall learning experience of Physics. Problem-solving techniques are actively promoted and students report significant links between Physics and Mathematics, aiding the development of numerical skills.

The wide array of methodologies applied in the teaching of this subject ensures a wholesome learning experience, driven by principals of enjoyment, hard-work and innovation.

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Briseadh Lár Téarma
Samh 11
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Bl. 3 & Anam PTM
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